Provider Relations Information
Systems Management

Manage Your Networks and Providers

Why Choose PR!SM?

  • Provider and networks management software
  • Manage a single or multiple provider networks.
  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Allows for instant updates of provider sites and directories
  • Manages credentialing
  • Maintains history of multiple providers, groups, and network
  • Designed for Workers Comp and Group Health.

Product Features

Fast Updates

Management and maintenance can be conducted anywhere with fast response times. You can also view changes to providers, groups, and facilities inside the program.

Integrates with !D

When using PR!SM with our !ntelligent Directory software, changes made in PR!SM can be instantly reflected in your provider directories. No need to send data to a service provider

Multiple Networks & Groups

PR!SM manages multiple networks and group affiliations. Maintain and understand the incoming network affiliations of a provider or group and the networks the provider is assigned.

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