Medical Access Assistant

The Perfect Triage Assistant

Why Choose MAA?

  • Triage software
  • Chronicles inbound and outbound communication
  • Stores documents and creates task lists
  • Provides full history of actions
  • Integrates with provider look-up sites
  • Accessible by computer, phone, and tablets

Product Features

Perfect Triage Assistant

Developed to support case managers and medical assitance advocates, or any person assisting inured workers, employees and plan members.

Task List Management

A task list can be created for each case manager. The list can be sorted by, task, date, case manager, caller, or by plan for easy management.

Track and Record

MAA can chronicle any part of the inbound and outbound communication and the method of the communication – phone, email, etc.

Seamless Transition

The communication can be easily passed along to another case manager or access assistant with all notes for a seamless transition of information.

Attach and Retrieve

Documents created such as provider directories, authorization letters, ID cards, etc. may be stored as part of a record. As well as any internal notes.

Mobile Responsive

Since access assistance is frequently performed at inconvenient times and places, MAA works equally well on a smart phone or tablet.

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