What We Do

Klinical Health care

!ntellegenex Inc creates directories, both print and electronic, and, the other supporting services like mailings. We also create a world-class data management app called PR!SM that is flexible to be adapted to your particular data and powerful enough to drive updates, on demand to your lookup websites! We also have a triage app for managing the initial care for injured employees (worker's comp) and an employer/employee app for managing archival documents and other necessary details.

Intelligent Directory

Associate Management System

About our Logo

!We use an exclamation as the "i" in Intellegenex because we're excited about our business. We really enjoy helping people get together with their needed healthcare, and that is what all our products do. !ntellegenex was founded in 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we have an office there, just a block from the Gold and Silver Pawnshop which is featured in the popular TV show "Pawn Stars." We service all 50 states in the USA. We provide services to end users from McDonald's, Major League Baseball, Sharp Healthcare, and many other large and small companies.

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