Associate Management System

Stores, archives, and retrieves critical documents

Why Choose AMS?

  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • The best, least expensive way to deliver mission critical documents to the right recipient
  • Effectiveness of certified mail at the cost of first class postage
  • Combines the best of the US Postal Service with digital technology
  • Access to all documents at your fingertips.

Product Features

Cost Effective

AMS allows organizations communicating with individuals through the US Postal Service to do so with the effectiveness of certified mail at the cost of a first class stamp. Certified mail is expensive and requires individual handling and paperwork for each letter. AMS removes the need for individual handling and paperwork for each package and reduces postage fees down to the price of a first class stamp.

A System that Works

We combine the best work of the US Post office with digital technology to notify our clients; members, employees, injured workers, legal cohort, anyone. At the completion of mailing we provide an affidavit of postal delivery and proof of mailing for each letter. When any party challenges accurate notification, our clients have access to all necessary images and documentation, including undeliverable envelopes, US Postal comments and original letters at their disposal.

Document at your fingertips

We go well beyond “mail merge programs” sold by copier and print equipment manufacturers and utilized by printing and mailing companies. These systems do not stand up to legal challenges. Through AMS, we give our clients the tools to stand up and defend themselves against any such challenge. And we will stand with them as well. There is simply no more complete and cost effective way to manage the delivery of mission critical documents through the mail.

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