!ntelligent Director

Most Intuitive Provider Look-up System

Why Choose !D?

  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Search on any data element
  • History of changes when using PR!SM
  • Instantaneous up-dates
  • Feature rich for group health & workers comp
  • Send search results to a smart phone
  • Management suite

Product Features


!ntelligent Directory is quite simply the most intuitive provider look-up system available today, incredibly easy to use.


!ntellegenex recognizes that your business has unique needs and we can meet those requirements.


We do not require long-term contracts or expensive start-up costs. In most instances, there are NO start-up fees!

Updates as you Need

Data may be refreshed as often as needed, with changes reflected within a day in most cases.

Print and Electronic

!D creates attractive, print ready, paginated and “imposed” print files for on-demand and offset printing.

Useful Features

Search results can be sent to smart phones for navigation, placement in the calendar and contact apps.

Ready to get started?

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