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PR!SM is an intuitively designed, cloud based software platform to manage your networks, groups and providers. The software is customizable to accommodate varying business process and work flows. Because it is cloud based the management and maintenance can be conducted from any location.

When using PR!SM with our !ntellegent Directory (!D)* software, changes made in PR!SM can be instantly reflected in your provider directories – yes instantly! No need to send data to a service provider.

  • Provider Relations !nformation Systems Management
  • Provider and Network management software
  • Allows for instant up-dates of provider look-up sites and directories *
  • Manages credentialing
  • Manages multiple networks, affiliations, groups & facilities
  • Maintains history of providers, groups & networks
  • Designed for Workers Comp and Group Health

As part of the history feature, you and your staff know the history of changes to providers, groups & facilities performed while using PR!SM.

Since the software is cloud based, authorized associates can maintain provider records from remote locations. Staff can update provider information while on site visits to medical offices and facilities from tablets or smart phones.

The software is applicable for Group Health, Workers Comp and other similar environments. And again, can be tailored to individual client needs.

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