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MAA is a cloud-based triage software for helping injured/ill employees get treatment, recover, and get back to work. It allows a team of healthcare professionals to provide the help the injured employee needs.

Medical Access Assistants (MAAs) connect with the employer and employee and connect them with an appropriate provider based on the type of injury/illness of the employee

  • MAA is case-based and allows the MAA person to record critical information about the employee, the date and time of the injury, the body part injured and other critical data
  • The system allows an MAA to work with one or more injured employees
  • Any of the MAA team can locate the record of another team member's interactions with the injured worker with the obvious advantage of having the latest data on the help offered
  • Multiple editable notes can be entered
  • Multiple documents can be attached to the record for real-time access on the cloud
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