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Intelligent Directory is our state-of-the art provider look-up system.

It is attractive and easy enough for patients to access, and powerful enough for your HR/MPN use. Its surprising feature, though, is that it can be updated in real time using our PR!SM Provider Management software. PR!SM is powerful and easy to use and can manage up to millions of provider records. Make a change on a provider record, hit PUSH, and within seconds all connected Intellegent Directory pages are updated with the new data. The provider can be terminated, can get an address or telephone number change, or anything else that needs to be updated.

  • Simple and easy to use, requires little or no instruction
  • Hidden technology lets only Specialties existing in the dB to show in the chooser
  • Search by address, by geographic location, by name, or by specialty
  • Easy-to-understand search results; two lines, with a detail slide-out
  • Advanced technologies allow you to send provider info to patient's mobile
  • Many other useful features

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