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AMS (Associate Management System) is designed to manage data for employees, employers, and specifically the notification history for employees as required by state Workers' Comp laws.

The system lists all the employers in the MPN or HCO and lists employees for each. Powerful search utilities allow locating the record for any particular employee and lists pertinent information about that employee including full name, last known address, telephone number, and status of the employee's health care designated primary doctor if one has been selected.

Any and all the employee data can be edited. The system has a powerful de-duplicate workflow, and most importantly lists as attachments a PDF copy of each notification document and other relevant documents associated with each employee.

  • Look up and manage employers
  • Look up and manage employees
  • See history of employee changes and interactions
  • De-duplicate employee listings
  • Easily update employee addresses
  • Contains powerful system user account and security management
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